Moderator: Welcome to's live chat with spokeswoman Rebecca Lobo. Rebecca is a forward for the WNBA's New York Liberty. The topic of today's chat will be "The Value of Medical Technology in Our Lives." Rebecca has had plenty of personal experiences with medical technology: she suffered two career-threatening knee injuries and wrote a book about her mother's battle with breast cancer. She is happy to be sharing her story and answering your questions this afternoon.
  Rebecca Lobo: Hello everyone. It is great to be back doing a chat with Body1.
  Moderator: Rebecca has your knee been feeling?
  Rebecca Lobo: My knee is feeling great. I am excited to start my offseason training to get ready for the next wnba season
  Moderator: What rehab is involved in your off-season training?
  Rebecca Lobo: I don't really do any rehab now. However, for the rest of my career I will focus a lot of my offseason (and in season) training on strengthening my knee. Doing exercises I learned in rehab
  jeff: Rebecca, do you need to use a brace now when you play?
  Rebecca Lobo: I used a brace this past season because the doctors wanted me to have the extra stability. My hope is that I will no longer need to use it. I will probably wear some type of sleeve on it though.
  Khah: Are you involved with any breast cancer charities?
  Rebecca Lobo: My mother and I do as much as we can for breast cancer charities. We do a lot for the Komen foundation
  Kelly: When does the season start back up for the WNBA?
  Rebecca Lobo: we just finished the 2001 season and will start training camp May 1, 2002
  jeff: What is the Komen foundation?
  Rebecca Lobo: the Komen foundation sponsors the various Race for the Cure around the coutry and raises money to fight breast cancer
  Khah: How often do you get to see your mother?
  Rebecca Lobo: I see my mother all the time. We live about 20 minutes apart when I am home during the offseason and during the season she comes (along with my dad) to most of the Liberty home games
  Moderator: From the experiences with your mother, what is the best advice you have for people about staying educated and detecting breast cancer early?
  Rebecca Lobo: Women really need to know their bodies so that they can detect if something is out of the ordinary. Also, it is important to get yearly exams and to encourage your loved ones to do the same.
  A: How did you and your mom find good information about treatment after your knee injury/her diagnosis?
  Rebecca Lobo: My mother became internet savvy about 2 years ago and she uses it to get a lot of information about various medical-related issues.
  Deb: Because of your Mom's experience with breast cancer, do your doctors recommend regular mammograms for you, even though you are young?
  Rebecca Lobo: I am 27 and don't get mammograms yet but I need to be faithful about my monthly self-exams. I will probably need to start getting mammograms earlier than most, however, because of our family history.
  Khah: can you recommend any good books to read up on breast cancer?
  Rebecca Lobo: You should check out for information.
  Rebecca Lobo: my mother also recommends books on her site,
  Moderator: How did both you and your mom keep your spirits up during your injury and her treatment?
  Rebecca Lobo: my mother and I have a very strong faith and we relied on that a lot during our ordeals. However, my knee injury was nothing compared to what our family went through when my mom battled her disease
  Deb: What is your latest favorite "fun" book to read?
  Rebecca Lobo: my mom also looked forward to watching my basketball games at UConn during her treatment.
  Rebecca Lobo: The latest book that made me laugh out loud was Steve Rushin's "Road Swing"
  Kelly: Do you play any other sports regularly outside of basketball?
  Rebecca Lobo: I play (poorly) golf. Love the game and just wish I had more time to work at it
  Matt: Who is the toughest opponent you ever had to guard?
  Rebecca Lobo: Lisa Leslie is very difficult to guard. Also, my teammate Tari Phillips has a deceptive game and can be tough to defend
  Khah: When you played for UConn, which team was your favorite opponent?
  Rebecca Lobo: I enjoyed playing any team that I knew was going to provide a great challenge. My senior year, Tennessee was a fave opponent
  jeff: Have you ever met Tiger Woods?
  Rebecca Lobo: I was at a post ESPY party one year and Tiger was sitting in the corner of the room but I did not meet him.
  Rebecca Lobo: I did meet Michael Jordan, though.
  Matt: Tell us about your experiences with the Olympics.
  Rebecca Lobo: The Olympics was an incredible event and one I will never forget. Walking into the opening ceremonies provided a thrill of a lifetime
  A: You said your mom was an online pro, how about you? Do you use the Web to find information regarding your knee?
  Rebecca Lobo: I am online all the time. I really enjoy using the Net to find information on a variety of things. I use to find information on injuries like mine. Since tearing my ACL, I am fascinated to learn about new procedures and information on the injury
  Sandra: Rebecca, what was the recuperation time on your knee surgeries?
  Rebecca Lobo: I was back on the court and ready to be "cleared" 6 months after my first injury. The therapists went slower with my second injury and didn't clear me to practice for about 8 and a half months
  Robert: What is your favorite breakfast
  Rebecca Lobo: however, the time would have probably been shorter if I was just trying to play hoops again recreationally, instead of professionally
  Rebecca Lobo: I am a fan of egg-white omelettes... and when I'm on the run, I like a MetRx shake
  jeff: What is MetRx?
  Rebecca Lobo: it is a nutritional supplement... high in protein
  Moderator: How did the availability of medical technology information impact your treatment choices after your knee injury?
  Rebecca Lobo: the information was important because it helped to clarify the treatment I was gettings. SOmetimes doctors use their "med speak" when describing things to patients and it is hard to truly grasp what is going on
  Brian: Rebecca, do you have a personal trainer? How often do you have to work out to keep in such great shape?
  Rebecca Lobo: sites like explain things in an understandable way
  Sandra: Can your type of knee surgery (ACL?) be done under local anesthesia or must you have general anethesia?
  Rebecca Lobo: I have used personal trainers in the past and will hire one this offseason. I also still train with my former UConn teammate, Jennifer Rizzotti
  Matt: Do many of your teammates have injuries similar to yours?
  Rebecca Lobo: I was under general anesthesia for my surgery. I'm not sure if you can have local, but you can find that out at
  Rebecca Lobo: A TON of women in the WNBA have had ACL tears... it is happening at a rediculously high rate.
  Stan: Just how painful was the acutal tearing of your ACL(s). I've heard from some athletes that it really doesn't hurt too much, but is more of a strange feeling. I've even seen some players continue the game after tearing the ACL.
  Rebecca Lobo: there have been a lot of studies on why women have a higher incidence... but, unfortunately, not a lot of preventive measure or surefire solutions have been found
  Rebecca Lobo: I got knocked off for a second. Please repost the last question
  Moderator: Sorry Rebecca, here is the last question:Just how painful was the acutal tearing of your ACL(s). I've heard from some athletes that it really doesn't hurt too much, but is more of a strange feeling. I've even seen some players continue the game after tearing the ACL.
  Rebecca Lobo: My first ACL tear felt like a grenade exploded in my knee joint... it was very painful but actually went knumb after a few minutes. My second ACL tear wasn't nearly as painful... and I could walk around a few minutes later -- which was impossible the first time
  Matt: Were there new or groundbreaking technologies that were applied to your's or your mother's treatment?
  Rebecca Lobo: I used a cadaver ligament for my ACL but I don't think that was groundbreaking. My mother's chemotherapy treatment was new...part of a study
  jeff: Duke has done well in men's basketball, do they have a good women's team?
  Rebecca Lobo: I do remember her being very confused listening to the oncologist talk about the various treatments that were offered. I just wish there were resources like to use when she had to make her decisions
  Rebecca Lobo: Duke women went to the Final Four a couple years ago and are good now in Women's hoops. Their coach has done a terrific job building that program
  Khah: How tall are you?
  Rebecca Lobo: I am 6'4" in my stocking feet
  jeff: Since you spend a lot of time in NY, did you catch the Michael Jackson concert?
  Rebecca Lobo: I was invited to sit in a skybox for the concert Friday night but was out of town. Now that I"ve read the reviews, I'm glad I did not attend... sounds pretty disappointing considering the prices they charges for tix.
  Brian: Rebecca...what is your feeling about the future of the WNBA?
  Rebecca Lobo: I think the WNBA has an incredibly strong future.. attendance is up and the on-court play continues to get better and better.
  Rebecca Lobo: I just hope they can figure out how to limit the number of terrible ACL and other knee injuries that the players face every day
  Moderator: Rebecca I know you have been actively involved in educating other patients about your injury, what is the best way for others to share their stories?
  Rebecca Lobo: I think the best way to share stories is online... has a great area where people can share their story and read others. Sometimes, it is very helpful just to read about others' experiences
  Stan: Gail Gostenkors (Duke women) is the bomb. Go Blue. How has your current coach reacted to your recent injuries?
  Rebecca Lobo: Richie Adubato and the Liberty were supportive during my injuries.
  Matt: Who is your favorite NBA player?
  Rebecca Lobo: my favorite NBA player is David Robinson. He just seems to really have his priorities in order
  Sandra: As you said there seems to be a very high rate of ACL injuries among female athletes, especially high school girls basketball players compared to high school boys players. Are there any specific training programs that can help young female athletes avoid ACL injuries.
  Rebecca Lobo: There are a few programs that are supposed to help girls reduce their risk of injury. You can find out more about that at
  Moderator: Rebeeca I know you wrote a book with your mother about her battle against breast cancer. Can you tell us a little bit about it?
  Rebecca Lobo: My mother and I wrote a book called, The Home Team. We discussed her battle with breast cancer and how our entire family dealt with it. We also talked about what it was like growing up female... in her time, and mine. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of unflattering photos from my youth... but live and learn
  Rebecca Lobo: my mother is now an 8 year survivor of the disease and doing well
  jeff: Do you follow politics at all?
  Rebecca Lobo: I follow politics a little bit... I used to be better about it when I was in college and a polysci major
  Brian: Rebecca, there was a recent debate in the NFL where they ended up banning the performance enhancing drug, Ephedra. What is your feeling on *legal* performance enhancing drugs?
  Rebecca Lobo: I don't really think "Performance enhancing drugs" are necessary. I think the individual who trains the hardest should be rewarded. However, I think nutritional supplements are very helpful while training. You have to differentiate between what is truly a natural way to train and what is "cheating".
  Moderator: Did your mother discover her breast cancer during a routine mammogram?
  Rebecca Lobo: My mother actually saw a shadow in the mirror after coming out of the shower... and that was how she noticed the lump. She'd actually just had a yearly exam and it wasn't detected. After seeing the shadow, she had an immediate mammogram.
  Rebecca Lobo: she was always faithful about her yearly checkups, thank God.
  Matt: Is your mother completely cured?
  Rebecca Lobo: doctors won't use the word "cured" when talking about cancer. They say, "remission". However, we know she is cured... because we have faith that God cured her
  jeff: Do you ever get back to UCONN to speak?
  Rebecca Lobo: her chemo was accompanied by a TON of prayer cover
  Rebecca Lobo: I haven't been back to UConn in a while but my mom and I will be there on OCT 2 to announce a scholarship that we're starting there for the school of Allied Health
  Rebecca Lobo: oops, I might have just let the cat out of the bag
  Matt: What is your favorite TV show?
  Rebecca Lobo: My fave TV shows are Ed and Friends. I loved Seinfeld when it was on
  jeff: Have you ever been on Amad Rashad's tv show, and is that Summer Sanders that co-hosts?
  Rebecca Lobo: The show is called INSIDE STUFF and Summer does cohost. I have been on a few times
  Moderator: What are the best ways for people to get involved in organizations that promote breast cancer research, such as the Komen foundation that you mentioned
  Rebecca Lobo: I'm having some technical difficulties
  Rebecca Lobo: There are numerous ways to get involved in charities and organizations. Check out for more inforamtion
  Sandra: Does your mom use the internet to share her experiences with her battle with cancer. These sites are a wonderful source to find out how other people have dealt with their illnesses.
  Rebecca Lobo: the internet just makes it SO SO easy to get involved in these types of things
  Matt: How many brothers/sisters do you have?
  Rebecca Lobo: my mom shares her experience in detail on her site, I think the internet is a great place to not only get information, but emotional support when dealing with such things
  Rebecca Lobo: I have an older brother and an older sister
  Khah: What's your favorite movie?
  Rebecca Lobo: I have a few. I loved Shawshank Redemption....
  Matt: Do either your brother or sister play basketball?
  Rebecca Lobo: Recently I saw Rush Hour 2 and it really made me laugh
  Robert: did you see the movie office space
  Rebecca Lobo: Once again, I really enjoyed chatting with all of you. I hope you will continue to take advantage of all the information that is available on ,, and
  Rebecca Lobo: didn't see office space
  Moderator: Thanks Rebecca, any final comments for our viewers?
  Rebecca Lobo: I'm thankful that sites like and are out there so that people can have access to information when they need to make a medical decision. Also, the chats and other forums available on these sites are terrific ways to tell your story and get support. I encourage everyone to take advantage of such wonderful resources!!
  Moderator: Thank you for all your questions today. Please look for upcoming chats with Rebecca and others soon. Rebecca, thanks for answering the questions of our MedTech1 viewers today and for generating such a lively and informative discussion.